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Sign up for a Free Personal Training Consultation 

Sign up for a free personal training consultation (1 hour):

Meet with John Shanebrook to discuss your fitness and wellness goals,
and to learn how Personal Evolution Programs can help you achieve them.

Results-Drive Training Methods

We will walk through how the training programs work and all your options


Nutrition Guidance

Establish body composition, resting metabolic rate, establish calorie andmacro recommendations, make whole food and supplementationrecommendations.


Preferred Scheduling

Reserve your preferred training days and time of day. Work out when your
availability and schedule permits.


Tour of Project 360 Training Studio

Together we walk through the entire facility, review facility amenities, and
familiarize you with hours of operation and facility access procedures.


Book Your Free Consultation

Want to learn more about John M. Shanebrook and Personal Evolution Programs, but aren't ready for your consultation? 

Email or send a text to john now at 503-847-8855 to book your session.

Life Changing Transformation - 57 Pounds Lost and Counting

I have regained my confidence and feel like the athlete I once was.  There is no way I could have achieved this transformation without John's help.  I am so thankful to have a coach in my corner that I know is just as committed to my success as I am.

Larry D. Bloomquist

John has kept me in shape for nearly 20 years

As a man over the age of 60, I was struggling with finding a new definition for what it means to be “fit”… and for achieving it. Working with John, he developed a personalized program for me that fit my schedule, fit my lifestyle, and helped me fit into clothes I never thought I would wear again!  

 Alan Brown

John made a flexible schedule for me and keeps me honest!

Meeting with John 2x per week has me in a better mood and I am able to perform at my peak both professionally and personally. Not only does John care about my fitness results, but he takes the time to learn more about my eating habits, sleeping habits, posture and other factors that impact results. 
Lucas Sommer
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