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Meet with John to discuss your fitness goals and how the Personal Evolution Program can help you achieve them. 

A Results-Driven Training Method

We will walk through how the training programs work and all your options


Workout Customization 

After learning more about you and your goals we discuss your customized workout plan


Nutrition Guidance

Nutritional goals are established and a plan to reach them is presented


Tour of the Facilities

Together we walk through the entire facility, its hours, your access and the amenities 


Flexible Scheduling

We build a fitness schedule that works for you - at your convenience and pace 


Book Your Free Consultation

Want to learn more about the Personal Evolution Program, but aren't ready for your consultation? 

Email or send me a text to 503-847-8855 for a PDF guide on how these programs can help you achieve your goals! 

Larry D. Bloomquist, Esq. (Attorney, San Antonio, TX)

Life Changing Transformation - 57 Pounds Lost and Counting

I am a busy professional, with limited time.  I turned to John to help me get back in shape and lose a considerable amount of weight.  In addition to physical training he assisted me to come up with a long term diet plan that I enjoy and works with my life.  The work outs are challenging but have become something I look forward to.  I really came to trust John's experience and he has guided me through this.  So far I have lost over 57 pounds and feel fit and in shape I sleep better and have so much more energy.  I have regained my confidence and feel like the athlete I once was.  There is no way I could have achieved this transformation without John's help.  I am so thankful to have a coach in my corner that I know is just as committed to my success as I am.  

Alan Brown, entrepreneur (Bend, OR)

John has kept me in shape for nearly 20 years
As a man over the age of 60, I was struggling with finding a new definition for what it means to be “fit”… and for achieving it. Working with John, he developed a personalized program for me that fit my schedule, fit my lifestyle, and helped me fit into clothes I never thought I would wear again!  His approach to creating a true personal evolution was nothing short of revolutionary for me, and I’m certain all folks could benefit from working with him.

Lucas Sommer, Entrepreneur (Lake Oswego)

John made a flexible schedule for me and keeps me honest!
I have been off-and-on with staying in shape for my whole professional career- typically choosing work over health. Since working with John I have found a schedule that works for me, built a nutrition plan I will actually stick to, and got the gains I have been after this whole time. Meeting with John 2x per week has me in a better mood and I am able to perform at my peak both professionally and personally. Not only does John care about my fitness results, but he takes the time to learn more about my eating habits, sleeping habits, posture and other factors that impact results. This comprehensive approach is one I have not seen from other trainers and is why I think the Personal Evolution Program John has created is so successful. 
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